MATCELL is the best way to improve your sales with new techonology on the market that ensures the success of any business.

How it works

Matcell platform now have the best way to measure the life cycle and integrates company's marketing initiatives and promotions using existing infraestructure to increase customer engagement leading to increased traffic and sales.

Matcell How it Works
Matcell How it Works

Why Matcell

Matcell brings new and dynamic data that allows technology and business to work in concert towards improving sales and optimizing ad dollars spent and began with a clear mission: make innovating and creating marketing and sales solutions.


  • Personalize store experience.
  • CPGs must optimize costs and mantain revene from retail stores.
  • Better marketing planning and perfomance.
  • Integrate consumer promotions.
  • Improving the customer experience leading to increased sales.
Matcell Why Matcell

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